REAL Spectrum Analyzer at multi-meter price!

High end hand held REALTIME EMC spectrum analyzer
Series SPECTRAN® 50xx Handheld Analyzer

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Aaronia stands for highest quality

REFERENCES (Current orders):
  • NATO, Belgium
  • Rohde & Schwarz, Belgium
  • Shell Oil Company, USA
  • ATI, USA
  • Australian Government Department of Defence,Edingburgh, Australia
  • Daimler Chrysler AG, Bremen, Germany
  • BMW, München, Germany
  • Eurocontrol (Flugüberwachung), Belgium
  • DLR (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt), Köln, Germany
  • BAM (Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und Prüfung), Berlin, Germany
  • BUND (Bundeswehr/Bundesministerium der Verteidigung), Leer, Germany
  • Niederösterreichische Landesregierung (Gesundheit & Soziales), St. Pölten, Austria
  • Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie, Bonn, Germany
  • Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH, Jena, Germany
  • ThyssenKrupp, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Siemens AG, Konstanz & Erlangen, Germany
  • PHILIPS Forschungslaboratorien, Aachen, Germany
  • PHILIPS, Netherlands

Measurement of electric and magnetic fields in this price range has never been this PROFESSIONAL.
Find radiation sources in your surroundings. Find their respective frequencies and signal strengths, including direct display of exposure limits. This used to be impossible in this price category, professional units often costing several thousand euros and being excessively complicated in handling.
The highly complex calculations in spectrum analysis incl. exposure limit calculation is being performed, unnoticed in the background, by a high-performance DSP (digital signal processor). This ultra-fast processor even allows, depending on the settings, REAL-TIME display with a NF-5030 (could you ask for more?). Simply amazing!

Fast, handy, cost-effective, beautiful exterior and PRECISION - what more could you ask ?

Affordable PRO measurement equipment: SPECTRAN® 10xx

Professional EMF measurement devices use a frequency dependant measurement approach, the so-called spectrum analysis. In a certain frequency range, the individuals signals and their respective strengths are being broken down, for example into a "bargraph" display (see SPECTRAN® screenshot on the right). The height of the individual bars represents the corresponding signal strength. For the 3 strongest signal sources, SPECTRAN® can automatically displays the frequency and signal level, thanks to its "Auto Marker" feature. Of course, you can also setup the filter width and the frequency range to be analysed as you like.

In the EMF (LF) spectrum shown here, a frequency range of approx. 20Hz to 60Hz from left to right is being analysed. During analysis, the Auto Marker feature has determined - fully automatic - two main signal sources:
Signal#1=30Hz at 45µT
Signal#2=50 (mains power) at 75µT

The very common low cost BROADBAND MEASUREMENT DEVICES (especially common among novice users) do not give you too valuable information at all. You do receive a measurement result (for example, 500nT), but what is the frequency ? Of how many radiation sources is this result composed? What causes the radiation ? Are there multiple sources ? Is the reading maybe even composed of several signal sources ? What is the corresponding exposure limit for this reading ? What IS the exposure limit if a mixture of several frequencies is present ? Questions and yet more questions WITHOUT an answer. In contrast, using a SPECTRUM ANALYSER, you will ALSO consider the frequency of the signal sources, as the frequency is JUST as important as the signal strength itself. ONLY using the frequency information, a radiation source can be isolated reliably, and ONLY using the frequency, calculation of frequency-dependant exposure limits can be accomplished.

Spectrum display starting with NF-1010E
LF spectrum display and automatic multi-marker display on the digital screen of SPECTRAN® (Screenshot)

LONG-TERM MEASUREMENT (Data logging feature)
For SERIOUS measurements:
SPECTRAN® measurement devices with data logger allow long-term recordings of measurement results over a freely adjustable period of time. This is particularly indispensable for SERIOUS evaluation of exposure by appliances and machinery which have a changing power consumption or radiation strength over time. Examples for these include railroads, power lines and plants, but also home appliances and their respective power cables, and various high-frequency transmission facilities like mobile phone transmission towers, mobile phones, radar etc. Depending on the time of day, CONSIDERABLE variation of exposure can occur (see attached graphics). WITHOUT long-term recordings, MASSIVE misinterpretation of total exposure can occur. With long-term data logging using SPECTRAN®, the daily variation of exposure can be recorded and analysed. Thus, the ACTUAL total exposure can be evaluated precisely.
With this functionality, you can even discover sporadic EMC problems which would otherwise be very hard to detect.
Even though SPECTRAN® units "only" last 4 or 7 (depending on model) hours with one battery charge, the intelligent "Powerdown mode" enables much longer data logging and measurement timespans. Finally, if this is not enough, the external power supply can be used to extend the recording timespan infinitely.

Long-term recording with SPECTRAN® units is particularly INDISPENSIBLE with measurements of appliances and their cabling if their power output or radiation varies considerably with time. The attached screenshots show the EXTREME variations which can occur in the course of a day. This is a fact widely unknown by many users. In the worst case, measured at the "wrong" time of day, very low levels could be measured, even though the exposure, not to talk about peak exposure, might be higher by a factor of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND (this is NOT an error) at a different time of day. Great caution needs to be taken, especially if measurement is performed as a commercial service: The very common practice of short-term measurements (being more cost-effective) often cannot evaluate the ACTUAL daily level of exposure.

Typical daily variation magnetic field of heat pump, traction power etc. in a home
Daily variation of various radiation sources discloses MASSIVE variation in exposure

At the push of a button:
Exposure limit calculation used to be a complex and awkward procedure even for the professional, as most of the time, a chaotic mixture of an abundance of different frequencies, modulations and signal strengths is present.
The indispensible, highly complex calculation of frequency-dependant exposure limits can ONLY be performed CONFORMING TO STANDARDS by a spectrum analyser with high-performance software. Not a problem for SPECTRAN® units: They can calculate even several authoritative exposure limits, precautionary limits and recommendations (simply selectable via a button) and display these as a practical bargraph display (including convergence display in percent!), while the measurement is running.
The attached SPECTRAN® screenshot demonstrates how it works: At the push of a button, the ICNIRP exposure limit has been chosen among the various available exposure limits. SPECTRAN® now automatically calculates convergence or excess of this limit. For achieving this, often thousands of complex calculations have to be performed per second, and a steady scan of the entire frequency range needs to be performed. A true nightmare for every processor. In our test case, the graphic display shows an approximation towards the ICNIRP limit by 6,06%. If you use a NF-5030 you can even cover the total ICNIRP-banwidth (depending on frequency). Hence, even the novice can perform exposure limit calculations ACCORDING TO STANDARDS without having to use complex tables and calculators.
It really can't get any simpler.

The very common low cost BROADBAND MEASUREMENT DEVICES (especially common among novice users) do not give you too valuable information at all. Due to the MISSING frequency reference with low cost broadband units, DRAMATIC misinterpretations can arise: when exposure limits are calculated, these can be wrong by MORE than a factor of 1000!! (this is NOT an error, we do really mean ONE THOUSAND).

Frequency-dependant exposure limits demand complex calculations
Graphic display of frequency-dependant exposure limits. They disclose the INDISPENSIBLE consideration of signal frequency

Dead-easy exposure limit calculation with SPECTRAN units SPECTRAN® displays exposure limits both as percentage as well as a bargraph display. Our example shows approximation to the ICNIRP exposure limits by 6,06%. (Screenshot)

The new standard: 3D MEASUREMENT
3D magnetic field measurement:
Mismeasurement caused by wrongly adjusting the measurement device in space or troublesome and complex 3D calculations with a calculator are a problem of the past from now on, thanks to SPECTRAN® EMF (LF) measurement devices. All SPECTRAN® EMF measurement devices can measure magnetic fields directly in 3D! Starting with the SPECTRAN® NF-1010E, field strengths of the individual X, Y and Z axes can even be shown seperately. This has become possible thanks to the newest development from the Aaronia laboratories: Our high-tech REAL 3D miniature sensor coil. Consisting of a specially crafted nylon base with 3 independant windings made of ultra-thin, 0,05 mm! wire, it impresses with its extremely high sensitivity. It allows measurement of magnetic fields in all 3 spacial dimensions. The signal processor (DSP) of the SPECTRAN® performs the resulting highly complex calculations. You receive 3D measurement results which can otherwise only be achieved by using highly professional equipment.

Units commonly found on the market which are particularly in use by novices for "EMF measurement" can, for the most part, ONLY measure magnetic fields in ONE dimension. Hence, by misaligning the measurement device in space, SERIOUS mismeasurement can occur: in extreme cases, no magnetic field might be shown at all even though an extremely high exposure is present. Tedious and complex 3D measurements are often not performed at all, or wrongly (especially by the novice). In contrast, SPECTRAN® can performs magnetic field measurements in 3D and thus offers PROFESSIONAL measurement right from the start!

Aaronia 3D coil
Aaronia REAL-3D magnetic field sensor

HUGE digital LC display
Pure luxury:
The huge, high resoution digital LC display more than 80x60 mm in size! It has been developed especially for SPECTRAN® by Aaronia. Needless to say, is uses FSTN quality for crystal clear display. It covers a vast amount of display capabilities (listed from top to bottom):
  • Big graphics display (pixel display) with 51x25 pixels (can be used for complex spectrum and exposure limit display, convenient menu navigation, etc.)
  • HUGE numeric display (4 digits, max. 9999)
  • Large, high-resolution bargraph (50 segments) for very responsive trend display
  • Various function and mode indication display blocks (AUDIO, MODE, MEMORY etc.)
  • Large multi-function text display (6 text fields / e.g. for displaying units, service information, etc.)
  • Three further big numeric displays (4 digits each, each max. 9999 / e.g. for simultaneous display of MIN, MAX, AVG values, 3 marker values, etc.)
  • Triple multi-function text displays (Next to each of the previously described numeric displays / 3x3 text fields each / used e.g. for unit display for markers, etc.)
  • Three more multi-function text displays (directly beneith the previously described displays / 3x6 text fields each / e.g. ADDITIONAL values AND unit display for markers, etc.)
  • Battery status and charging display (incl. "CHARGING" and "LOW")
  • 6 numerical displays for flexible bargraph scaling (incl. multiplication factor and percentage display)
Thanks to the vast amount of flexible display options, this device can display various readings, a bargraph AND a spectral display (starting from NF-1010E resp. HF-2025E) SIMULTANEOUSLY, without bothersome switching back and forth.

Using SPECTRAN®, the user is supplied with virtually ALL information AT ONCE, without the hassle of switching back and forth. Where else can you find such luxury at a similar price ?

Spectran LCD multi-function display
The COMPLETE digital multifunction display of SPECTRAN® at a glance

Lots of power: The rechargable Aaronia NiMH battery
Superlong operating time:
Starting with the SPECTRAN® NF-1010E or SPECTRAN® HF-2025E, respectively, the rechargable Aaronia NiMH high-performance battery is supplied as standard. It has been developed specifically for the SPECTRAN® devices and is optimally suited for their requirements. Thanks to NiMH technology, the dreaded "Memory effect" is now a thing of the past, as with this power battery, maximum quality and long life have been our primary goals. Another reason why such a battery technology is necessary is the high power demand of the high-performance DSP used in all SPECTRAN® units, especially in the RF versions, which furthermore include very demanding RF receiving circuitry. Still, it is astounding that even when using the standard version of the Aaronia battery (1300mAh), continuous operation of the SPECTRAN® for approx. 4 hours is possible. The special version with 2200mAh (available at an extra charge) bumps this up to a stunning 7 hours! This is certainly a new all-time record for portable, battery-supplied spectrum analysers, or do you know a portable spectrum analyser which even remotely provides 7 hours of continuous operation with a single battery charge ?
Naturally, the necessary battery charger is also included. At the same time, it can be used for operating the SPECTRAN® units with mains power. The battery charger is integrated into all SPECTRAN® units, thus SPECTRAN® models NF-1010 and HF-2025 can also subsequently be extended with an Aaronia battery (STRONGLY recommended!).
Maxiumum power: Aaronia BATTERY pack
The Aaronia POWER NiMH battery

  • LF spectrum analyser SPECTRAN NF-50xx
  • Sturdy aluminum-design carrycase (with custom padding!)
  • 1300mAh Aaronia power battery with charger
  • Exhaustive manual with lots of basic information, hints, background information and exposure limit tables


  • Rechargable Aaronia power battery (as spare battery)
  • Detachable handle with super-practical miniature tripod mode: this handle is attachable to the backside of the unit and allows optimal handling (esp. for directional measurement) and even fixed installation of the unit
  • Option 001: 1MB memory expansion.
    Available for: NF-5010, NF-5030.
    This memory expansion is a MUST-HAVE particularly when using the data logger, as the standard capacity can quickly become exhausted in this mode. The memory expansion provides space for more than 10,000 logs, while the standard memory will only accomodate approximately 100 of them. Standard memory size is 64K.
  • Option 005: 12Bit Dual DDC frequency filter.
    Available for: NF-5030 (inclusive on NF-XFR).
    This cutting edge 12Bit DDC frequency filter allows extremely fast, crisp and accurate frequency filtering, while at the same time drastically enhancing the sensitivity. As an example, magnetic fields can (depending on their frequency) still be measured down to 1pT (0.001nT), compared to 0.1nT without the option. Option 005 is therefore a MUST-HAVE for professional measurement, especially considering its attractive price.
  • Option 006: 3D sensor for static magnetic fields.
    Available for: NF-5030.
    This top-grade geomagnetic field sensor provides the ability to conduct geophysical assessments and measurement of geomagnetic field anomalies. However, it can also be used to turn the instrument into a Gaussmeter, measuring the difference between field strengths (static fields) of permanent magnets. Thanks to its ISOTROPIC (3D) construction, measurements can be performed in all three spacial dimensions AT ONCE (or seperately). Sensitivity is about 10nT-600µT.
  • Option 008: 20MHz frequency extension.
    Available for: NF-5030 (inclusive on NF-XFR).
    This 20MHz frequency extension option vastly enhances the frequency range of the NF-5030. Amongst others, it brings the ADSL and 13.56MHz RFID frequency bands in range. What's more, we are already developing a PC-based analysis software for decoding RFID. The maximum frequency range of the NF-5030 WITHOUT option 008 is 1MHz.
  • Option 009: 24Bit resolution for 3D static magnetic field sensor.
    Available for: NF-5030.
    Option 006 provides a significantly higher resolution for the optional 3D magnetic field sensor for measurement of static magnetic fields (option 006); it is ABSOLUTELY mandatory for geomagnetic surveys. The standard resolution of the NF-5030 WITHOUT option 009 is 14Bit.
  • Option 010: 30MHz frequency extension.
    Available for: NF-5030, NF-XFR. Our 30MHz frequency extension extends the frequency range of the NF-5030 or NF-XFR to the absolute maximum. Amongst others, it even allows measurement of VDSL2. The higher clock frequency of the DDC provided by this option is a MUST HAVE for technicians and authorities needing ACCURATE assessment of signal sources of up to 30MHz. The maximum frequency of the NF-5030 WITHOUT option 010 is 1MHz.
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Package contents SPECTRAN 50xx devices

Overview of features SPECTRAN® EMF (NF) Spectrum Analyzer
APPLICATION EXAMPLES: Measurement of traction power, power lines, power cables, lamps, power supplies, transformer stations, various appliances in households, offices and manufacturing
  NF-1010* NF-1010E* NF-3010* NF-3020* NF-5010* NF-5030* NF-XFR*
 Frequency range Min 10Hz 10Hz 10Hz 10Hz 1Hz 1Hz 1Hz
 Frequency range Max 2kHz 10kHz 100kHz 400kHz 1MHz 30MHz** 30MHz**
 Range electrical field [V/m] (typical) Min (1D) 1V/m 1V/m 0,1V/m 0,1V/m 0,1V/m 0,1V/m -
 Range electrical field [V/m] (typical) Max (1D) 2kV/m 2kV/m 5kV/m 5kV/m 5kV/m 20kV/m -
 Range magnetic field [Tesla] (typical) Min (3D!) 10nT 10nT 1nT 1nT 1nT 1pT** -
 Range magnetic field [Tesla] (typical) Max (3D!) 100µT 100µT 100µT 100µT 100µT 2mT -
 Range magnetic field [Gauss] (typical) Min (3D!) 100µG 100µG 10µG 10µG 10µG 10nG** -
 Range magnetic field [Gauss] (typical) Max (3D!) 1G 1G 1G 1G 1G 20G -
 Range Analog input (typical) Min - - - 2µV 2µV 200nV 200nV
 Range Analog input (typical) Max - - - 200mV 200mV 200mV 200mV
 Filter bandwidth Min 5Hz 5Hz 1Hz 1Hz 1Hz 1Hz 1Hz
 Filter bandwidth Max 10kHz 100kHz 300kHz 300kHz 1MHz 1MHz 1MHz
 Accuracy base unit (typical) 5% 5% 5% 3% 3% 3% 3%
 FFT (Resolution in points) 64 64 64 64 1024 1024 1024
 Vector power measurement (I/Q) and True RMS - - ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
 Standards conformant exp. limits (ICNIRP, BGV B11, BlmSchV etc.) - ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ -
 Extended full ICNIRP range - - - - - ○ -
 Isotropic (3D) AC magnetic field measurement ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ -
 Supports custom P-Code software - - ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
 ADVANCED HOLD mode (HOLD function) - ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
 INTERNAL data logger (long-term measurements) - - ○ ○ ○ ○ 120GB harddisk
 FLASH memory including firmware update (over the Internet) - 16K 64K 64K 64K 64K 64K
 “Clear text” signal identification with direct frequency display - ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
 Integrated battery charging circuitry - ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
 Internal speaker Piezo Piezo ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
 Audio demodulation AM AM AM AM AM&FM AM&FM AM & FM
 Fast FFT or DFT spectrum analysis - ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
 Limit calculation with simultaneous percentage display ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ -
 X, Y, Z Axis display or Vectorproduct (only M.-Field) - ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ -
 Main display in V/m, Tesla, Gauss or A/m (switchable) - ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ V / dBµV
 High-resolution 50 segment bargraph (trend display) ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ 14" Display
 3fold marker display (ex. 3x field strength & frequency at once) - ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ 10fold
 Fast USB 2.0 interface (computer connection) - ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ 2x
 Audio output ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ -
 DC input (max. 15V) for external power supply ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
 External ultra sensetive signal input (SMA input) with max. 0,2V - - - - ○ ○ ○
 Jog Dial (Multi-functional dial) for "one-hand operation" - - ○ ○ ○ ○ Key- & Touchpad
 OPTIONS (extra charge)
 Option 001 (1MB memory expansion) - - - - ○ ○ harddisk
 Option 005 (12Bit DDC / offers ultra high sensetivity up to 1pT) - - - - - ○ inclusive
 Option 006 (Measure 3D static magnetic fields)* - - - - - ○ -
 Option 009 (Ultra high 24Bit resolution on static magnetic fields) - - - - - ○ -
 Option 010 (Expanded frequency range up to 30MHz e.g. RFID) - - - - - ○ 20MHz incl.
 INCLUDED ACCESSORIES in addition to the base unit
 Aaronia 7,2V high-performance battery (1300mAh) + charger - ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ 6 cell battery
 Aluminum design transport case incl. padding inlays opt. ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ backpack
 PROFESSIONAL PC analysis software (Windows, downloadable) - ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ installed